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1-3 December 2016, Jagiellonian University, Krakow

We have a pleasure of inviting you to the international conference organized jointly by the International Development Department of University of Birmingham and the Institute of Middle and Far East Studies of Jagiellonian University with support of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI). The conference will focus on the Development and Security in a Contemporary Conflict Zones in a context of ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria and a reassessment of lessons from earlier interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and will take place in Krakow, Poland on the 1st–3rd of December 2016.

The Conference will start with an open plenary session with key note speakers’ lectures and policy oriented events, followed by a reception on the evening of Thursday, 1st of December, 2016. Over the course of the next two days research papers will be delivered before an audience of scholars, analysts, policy specialists, NGO’s practitioners and experts representing different academic, research, and policy interests in development and security nexus range of issues. 

We expect to attract participants with different academic backgrounds and wish to create a space for formal and informal discussion over research on the development-security nexus and relevant policy issues. One of the aims of the accompanying workshop would be to explore the potential for a large bid in this area. 

Organizers: The International Development Department of University of Birmingham, The Institute of Middle and Far East of Jagiellonian University, The European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) 


esearch on development processes during interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan

theory and practice of civil-military cooperation in a non-permissive environment

nationbuilding and statebuilding in a context of ‘stabilization’

cultural and ethical aspects of development actions and security

activities and potential of the Provincial Reconstruction Team model of civilian-military collaboration

international organisations and the security-development nexus

Development aid NGO’s actors and military in an asymmetric conflict zone

security sector perspective over re-construction and development issues

private sector, conflict zones economy challenges and development

state actors political attitude towards development issues during ‘interventions’ 


The conference will include several panel discussions led by invited experts. Researchers in development studies, political science, international relations, security studies, peace and human rights studies, post-conflict reconstruction experts and other multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary development specialists are especially encouraged to participate. 

We welcome proposals of individual papers and panels. Please email your proposals to the conference mailbox: devsec2016[at] 

We aim to publish some of the papers for the Conference in the Journal of Development Studies. Accepted papers will be peer-reviewed and enabled for publication in a Special Edition of the JDS. In addition, certain groups of papers may be suitable for publication in other reputed and specialised journals. The word limit and format for papers considered for publication will be as listed in the Conference’s specification (about 9000 words, extended abstract).


15 September, 2016                – Final date for submission of abstracts of papers 

21 September, 2016                – Acceptance notification 

01 October, 2016                    – Registration deadline 

01 December, 2016                – Conference 1st day, open plenary session 

02-03 December, 2016           – Conference 2nd and 3rd days, panels and debates 

28 February, 2017                  – Deadline for final version of papers 


To register for the conference please fill in the form attached and email it to the conference mailbox: devsec2016[at] by the 1st of October, 2016. The registration fee is €400 which will cover: registration, all conference materials, accommodation in a 4+ stars hotel for 3 nights, three lunches, banquet, coffee and snacks during breaks. Please note that all transaction fees must be paid by the sender. Special arrangements have been made with local  Krakow guides for cost-free optional sightseeing of the city and royal castle. 

For any further information please do not hesitate and contact conference coordination chair Jakub Stepien, email: jakub.p.stepien[at] 

Contact Info: 

Coordination and Communication chair of the conference 

Assistant professor Jakub Stępień, PhD 

Contact Email:


visit the web-page



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Антропологія простору. Т. 1. Культурний ландшафт Києва та околиць / За науковою редакцією Марини Гримич. - Київ: Видавництво Дуліби, 2017. - 316 с. Антропологія простору. Т. 1. Культурний ландшафт Києва та околиць / За науковою редакцією Марини Гримич. - Київ: Видавництво Дуліби, 2017. - 316 с.

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