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European Workshops in International Studies, Cardiff University, 7-10 June 2017 

Convenors: Maria Mälksoo (University of Kent) and Karl Gustafsson (Swedish Institute of international Affairs)

The deadline for abstract submissions has just been extended until 16 January.

Transitional justice (TJ) is a multi-disciplinary approach to redressing past human rights violations and international crimes in post-conflict or post-authoritarian/-totalitarian settings through a variety of judicial and non-judicial means of accountability, ranging from trials to truth commissions, reparations, institutional reform, memorialisation measures and acts of contrition. The theory and practice of TJ is a major topic in IR, International Law, Peace and Conflict studies and Comparative Politics. Yet, the lack of systematic attention paid to the connection between states’ approaches to particular TJ measures domestically and their foreign policies and international behaviour remains a glaring oversight in mainstream scholarship.
This workshop aims at deepening the dialogue between different disciplines and bringing together scholars working on distinct issue-areas that could be incorporated under the broader concept of TJ. Bringing together two burgeoning literatures – on ontological security (OS) in IR and TJ/memory politics in the transdisciplinary crossroads of cognate fields, the workshop will seek to unpack OS-seeking as a generic social mechanism in international politics. This concept, we suggest, allows us to productively conceptualise the connection between states’ TJ, foreign, security and defence policies. Our methodological objective is to further hone the parameters of state OS-seeking and the related mnemonical (de)securitisation processes, to make these notions operative in the study of the international politics of TJ. The workshop invites papers that explore the links between OS-seeking and narratives of transition, temporalities of TJ and othering, mutual recognition in bilateral relations and status-seeking in international society in any empirical setting.


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Україна Модерна - міждисциплінарний науковий часопис, присвячений історії України та Центрально-Східної Європи







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Антропологія простору. Т. 1. Культурний ландшафт Києва та околиць / За науковою редакцією Марини Гримич. - Київ: Видавництво Дуліби, 2017. - 316 с. Антропологія простору. Т. 1. Культурний ландшафт Києва та околиць / За науковою редакцією Марини Гримич. - Київ: Видавництво Дуліби, 2017. - 316 с.

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