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The workshop will be held on June 1 – 3, 2017 in the Department of Culturological Research, National Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies. 01135, Isaakiana Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The target group encompasses young scholars (those under 35 years of age on June 1). The event is designed for about 15 participants and 5-6 lecturers.

The current crisis in Ukraine has already exacerbated existing conflicts between various social groups, reducing the general level of social trust and tolerance. Therefore, it is urgently needed to choose the ways to enhance understanding among various cultures and encourage different social groups to look for adequate strategies to coexist. For this purpose we suggest to frame a new vision of the frontier area as not an actual (real), but as an imaginary border that occurs when stereotypes dominate the experience of real communication.

Borderlands are liminal spaces on both sides of the border. This is a place where specific cross-border communities coexist. There everyday life depends on the ability to move beyond state borders and the social-cultural borders between different ethnic, religious, and language groups. In the case of ‘imaginary’ and ‘phantom’ borderlands we are talking about the areas that were actual (physical) borders, but changed their status and meaning under the influence of political events. However, changing physical boundaries don’t always coincide with cultural changes of definite regions, their ethnic, religious, and social structures.

‘Imaginary’ borderlands are terrains of contested memories, hidden wounds and offences, and latent conflicts that may explode in confrontations under the influence of political changes in the states. The urgency to conduct academic research on ‘imaginary borders’ is obvious. Preliminary research areas of the workshop:

  • Western and eastern frontiers of Ukraine: from post-trauma to actual experience
  • Social-cultural borderlands of northern Black Sea region and Crimea;
  • Phantom borders in post-Soviet space;
  • Imaginary borders: stereotypes, myths, the image of the ‘other’;
  • Border studies: at the crossroads of disciplines.

The event will be held in the form of a workshop-conference, dedicated to the essential problems of interpretation of border communities’ cultures to work out strategies of neighborly coexistence and mutual integration. Discussions and presentations will be focused on integration, the development of tolerance between various ethnic and confessional groups, and reducing the consequences of unexamined histories in frontier areas. Here we mean, first of all, some areas of Polish-Ukrainian, Romanian-Ukrainian, Hungarian-Ukrainian and Russian-Ukrainian borderlands.

The preliminary plan of the workshop foresees a three-day schedule (plus one additional day for arrival/departure of the participants). The first and the second day will be opened and closed by the lectures given by keynote speakers, eminent specialists in the fields of post-socialism, religious diversity and inter-religious conflicts, border and memory studies – anthropologists, historians and sociologists.

Lectures will be 90 minutes (60 minutes for lecture and 30 minutes for discussion). Participants’ presentations will be 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion). Working languages of the workshop are English and Ukrainian.

Deadline is April 15, 2017. The organizers will announce your participation in the workshop two weeks after the deadline.

The organizers are not able to fund accommodation and travel costs.

Please, send short biographies, your proposals, titles of the presentations and short summaries (no more than 250 words) to the following e-mails:

Olena Soboleva:, +38 097 885 6387
Julia Buyskykh:, +38 066 754 7500


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Україна Модерна - міждисциплінарний науковий часопис, присвячений історії України та Центрально-Східної Європи







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Антропологія простору. Т. 1. Культурний ландшафт Києва та околиць / За науковою редакцією Марини Гримич. - Київ: Видавництво Дуліби, 2017. - 316 с. Антропологія простору. Т. 1. Культурний ландшафт Києва та околиць / За науковою редакцією Марини Гримич. - Київ: Видавництво Дуліби, 2017. - 316 с.

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