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Funded Postdoctoral Fellowships at the Davis Center, Harvard University

Опубліковано 09.12.2016

The Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University invites applications for its 2017-2018 Fellows Program on the theme "Revolution(s) in Eurasia."

DEADLINE: January 10, 2017. All materials, including letters of recommendation, must be received at the Davis Center by this date.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world historical importance of the Russian Revolution has faded from scholarly and public consciousness. Yet this seminal event of the twentieth century had, and arguably continues to have, a deep and enduring effect on a variety of global and national histories through its contending narrative understandings, social representations, and political appropriations.

In synchronicity with the centennial of this revolution, the theme for the 2017–2018 Fellows Program is “Revolution(s) in Eurasia.” The Davis Center encourages prospective fellows to interpret the theme broadly and welcomes all applications. Find more information on our website.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Eligibility and Benefits:

For junior scholars who will have completed the Ph.D. or equivalent by September 2017, but no earlier than September 2012 (less than five years ago).
Stipend of up to $40,000 for 9 months or $53,333 for 12 months.
$5,000 in additional research funding.
Eligible for employee benefits (including subsidized health insurance).
Shared office space and borrowing privileges at Harvard libraries provided.
Citizens of all countries may apply.

Any junior scholar whose research touches on the work of the Davis Center community is welcome to apply to the Fellows Program. We invite applicants to consider some of the ways in which their work speaks to these thematic elements.

For complete application procedures and to submit an application, please visit website. Email: with any additional questions.

Scholars who do not meet the eligibility requirements for a Postdoctoral Fellowship should consider applying for affiliation via the Visiting Scholar Program.

Kathryn W. and Shelby Cullom Davis Center
for Russian and Eurasian Studies
Harvard University
1730 Cambridge Street, S301
Cambridge, MA 02138

Related date: 
December 1, 2016 to January 10, 2017

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Антропологія простору. Т. 1. Культурний ландшафт Києва та околиць / За науковою редакцією Марини Гримич. - Київ: Видавництво Дуліби, 2017. - 316 с. Антропологія простору. Т. 1. Культурний ландшафт Києва та околиць / За науковою редакцією Марини Гримич. - Київ: Видавництво Дуліби, 2017. - 316 с.

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